IFSA Releases New Product Certification Video

The IFSA has released a new video explaining the need for fire protection industry professionals and regulators to demand product certification by reputable testing laboratories. The 6-minute video can be viewed using this link:


In addition to the posted English version, the video is being produced in Spanish and Portuguese versions and will be shown at the following upcoming events:

·       ANRACI Colombia’s August 21-23 International Conference on Protection Against Fire in Bogota, Colombia

·       AMRACI’s Fire Protection International Forum 2018, October 9-10, in Mexico City, Mexico

·       ABSpk’s 3rd Brazilian Congress of Sprinklers (CBSpk) October 25-26, in Atiabaia (near São Paulo), Brazil

The IFSA video focuses on the shortcomings of noncertified fire sprinklers that have been identified and tested for the IFSA by Underwriters Laboratories and FM Approvals. As described in the video the Brazilian Fire Sprinkler Association ABSpk cooperated in the removal of noncertified sprinklers from two occupancies in São Paulo, Brazil, where they were in service and presumably providing protection to the public. As expected, when tested using standard product test protocols, they failed to demonstrate adequate performance. While these sprinklers were replaced with properly certified sprinklers, it is not known how many other substandard installations are currently endangering the public.

It is hoped that the video will be successful in explaining the dangers of noncertified fire sprinklers and other system components, and convince government regulators to prevent the installation of the substandard products.