Grants applications must be received by the IFSA no later than 15 April 2019, so that they can be circulated to the IFSA Board of Governors by 30 April 2019. IFSA limits its grants to organizations and projects outside the United States and Canada.

The applicant must complete a detailed submission describing the project or program for which it requests a grant. The submission must contain the following information in order for the IFSA to consider the request. IFSA agrees that all information submitted to it will be held in confidence and disclosed only to persons necessary to process the application. 

The applicant agrees that the detailed submission will be deemed to be a part of this application and is incorporated by reference herein. 

  1. General description of the program or project.

  2. A description of the way in which the program or project will promote the manufacture and/or installation of fire sprinkler, water spray or water mist systems and devices in all buildings

  3. Outline of the timetable for completion of the program or project together with a description of the goals for each portion of the timetable

  4. Requested schedule of payment for any Grant that may be awarded, i.e., lump sum or periodic such as monthly

  5. Names of key personnel to be assigned to the project and a general description of the responsibilities of each. If any such personnel are consultants or employees of other companies, such affiliation must be fully identified and described

  6. The total amount expected to be expended on the program or project

  7. Statement of the proposed method of financing the program or project. If the applicant is obtaining funds from other sources, i.e., existing assets, loans from financial institutions or other grants, the amount and source should be detailed

Download IFSA Grant Application